25 October 2014 @ 03:44 pm
posting every once in a while probably wouldn't hurt.  
I'm not entirely sure who reads this anymore (if anyone in fact does) since I don't post much (if at all) for months at a time. My blogging platform is mostly Plurk (tumblr is more for reblogging fandom things). I guess I can give an overview of what's been going on.

FIRSTLY, I am sick with a cold that just will not die. I had to call out of work yesterday because I ended up being sick all of the night before. That was not a fun experience.

SECOND, work has been...well. There's interesting shit going down. We're down a store manager (though his return is imminent, he's been out for a month and a half, maybe two months) because he had an unfortunate accident involving a horse. Our previous co-manager had to leave due to kidney failure, and our current co-manager is a real piece of work (who will probably butt heads with Store Manager when he comes back oho). Lots of changes. According to DW the last time I wrote about work was August 2012, when I first got into cash office. Well. Barbara is still her crazy self and it got to the point where I had to write a letter to my boss about what was happening. That was May of this year, and she seemed to tone down a bit...until about a month ago, and now she's worse than ever. She has twice now punched walls in the office, and she threw a register bag at Donna, so yeah. I keep my boss updated on what Barbara does...and she keeps me updated on what Barbara does behind my back, which led to 19th October where my boss pulled me aside and point blank said, "Barbara's trying to start shit again." Because Barbara apparently finds it perfectly acceptable for her to be on her cell phone taking personal calls on the clock, but if I send one text message it's the end of the world.

We are not amused. SO I BASICALLY PROMISED MYSELF that the next time Barbara was on the phone, I'd nail her ass. Which is what I did today. A couple of days ago, I started drafting a letter to Corporate. I'm not fucking around anymore. You want to play games? Fine. But I play to win.

THIRD, I am currently an intern at a publication newsletter thing. Right now I do article write ups and things like research and fun things like that. If all goes well (and I'm being cautiously optimistic at the moment), it could lead to something paid, which is great because I'd essentially be paid to write, and you all know that that's pretty much what I want. CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM.

I don't really do the whole "blogging" thing much anymore--I've switched to journaling solely for myself, so I use a paper journal, which I find better anyway. It's kind of how I found myself and started trying to get my shit together, and it's been almost a year now since I decided to "seek answers" as I call it. Having a name for your various problems helps because now you know what you're dealing with has a name and it's not just all in your imagination. But now it's even scarier because now you need to figure out what the fuck you have to do. For some of the things (such as my borderline personality disorder and my bipolar disorder and my anxiety) writing is great for me, it's a great outlet and it helps so much at figuring out exactly what's going on inside my head...

But it doesn't hurt to, you know, post here once in a while about things. In my high school years I used LJ and DW extensively and now I barely touch the things except for my fanfiction community.

I GOT SMASH BROS 3DS and because I am trash and utterly predictable I still main Marth because why not.

I'M DOING NANOWRIMO AGAIN THIS YEAR after last year's win I'm pumped to start this year with yet another Gundam Wing fic that will probably kick everyone in the feels. (When do my fics not kick people in the feels?)

But yeah. There's my life update. Really not much exciting shit is going on.
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thenicochan: Rhys Ulki Melon[personal profile] thenicochan on October 27th, 2014 05:00 am (UTC)
Either way, it's just so awesome to hear from you. I don't really plurk or Tumblr, so this is the main avenue I have for correspondence with ya, so life updates please me greatly. (<3)

Work drama is the worst, and it's inescapable. But I'm glad you're in a position where you can at least do something about it. (it sounds like you have some clout with the manager lady too, which is always a good thing.)

Congrats on the internship! How'd you come about getting it? I really hope it grows into something paid. That would be magnificence.

And your fics are incredibly adept at kicking the feels.
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