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Hikaru Yuy Maxwell ([personal profile] mrsadisticnight) wrote on December 4th, 2014 at 01:20 am
So I'm pretty sure this laptop is on its way to shitting the bed. (Currently backing up important things.) SO I DECIDED I will do the smart thing and a.) not buy another HP (I've had two shit the bed in a relatively short time and while the first one could be fixed since it was a software issue [the OS shit the bed and was fixed via format], I think this one might be hardware related and a new graphics card for a three year old laptop is pointless) and b.) buy direct from the manufacturer since they offer a lot of deals and discounts.

I found the laptop I want, I just need to wait until I have the funds, which shouldn't be too long. I need a working laptop for my second job. Luckily I do have a working laptop I could use in the meantime if this one decides to say "fuck you" (which it better not or it's going out the window I give no fucks). It has an overheating problem if I leave it on for like, a week straight, but that can be combated but, you know, turning it off at night. Which I've been doing and it's fine. I do have an iPod and a tablet I could use IF I HAD TO but I think if it resorted to that I would just have to put the laptop on a credit card and slowly pay it off.

I'm going with Toshiba this time around, and I've never ever EVER had problems with them (unlike HP), probably with their Satellite series since they're conveniently priced for what you get AND you can customise them. Of course they have deals when I can't afford a laptop, but it's cheaper to go through them than, say, buy something from Best Buy or Walmart. And since this laptop is what I got from Walmart (and it was a problem about a month after I got it), I am wary of buying another from there despite getting a decent discount since I work there (yes, still).

I say it shouldn't take too long for funds to accumulate because I'll be getting more hours at work since we'll be down to two people in cash office (from three). They took Donna out of Lawn and Garden/Cash Office and put her Cash Office/DSD...and then today as I sorted Layaway slips Jackie came in and asked if it'd be okay if they made Donna DSD/IMS instead. Which isn't really up to me...? I mean if that's what she wants, she can go for it, but I guess Jackie was concerned more about who could take what days. So I'd be working Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Five days straight. I'd be working 28 hours a week, up from the original 16 I was working prior to Donna only being in cash office one day a week. Then I got like...I think I have 24 hours currently per week. Now I'll have 28. So gross I'd make about 622 and take home probably... 400something depending on how much the government feels like sucking from me. They'd take mayb 150 or so in total... So that'd be like 471 and change. So I'd be making close to 1K a month, not too bad I guess.

Plus my second job, which varies depending on how much I have to do, contributes as well.

Not bad, right? Plus down the road my second job could lead to something more full time. And it's imperative I have a working laptop. I can do research on my smart device of choice (iPod 5) of course, but writing articles and stuff would be trickier. I do have a second laptop that works somewhat (it has a slight overheating issue that probably can be fixed by cleaning out the dust but sigh my brother has like NO TIME I work almost as many days as he does). So I can do stuff with that. Just UGH. First my iPod died and now this like I don't need this. And while I have great and awesome friends and thus didn't need to pay for a new iPod (this new shiny iPod 5 was a Christmas present from two very awesome friends), it's like, when technology breaks, IT ALL FUCKING BREAKS.

So Michael FINALLY got back to me and said he'll look at it on Tuesday when he's off next so HOPEFULLY this can be straightened out. I have pics of the blue screen, idk if that will help him (it might) but yeah. I JUST WANT THIS FIXED.

And then apparently I nearly had a breakdown today I DON'T REMEMBER OVER WHAT and i'm probably better off NOT knowing because it probably caused the breakdown in the first place but yeah. Today wasn't a good day like everything was going wrong and it's the holidays and I'm stressed to begin with and I was ready to cry and just ugh. THEN I WAS BETTER UNTIL FUCKING SCHULDIG BLUE SCREENED because "lol display drivers crashed and didn't bother trying to give a fuck".



[EDIT] I may just buy a new laptop anyway because I'll probably end up kicking myself later on if this laptop DOES fuck itself. And I don't want to do what I did last time and buy a laptop just because I needed one. Walmart actually sells (at least on their website) the Toshiba I want, so I may see if my store has it... Otherwise I will get it direct from Toshiba.

[SON OF EDIT] We're buying a new laptop. I either spend money now and have time to look at things and get the one I want... Or I can spend money later and end up settling on something I'm not sure about because OMG I NEED A LAPTOP NOW.


My alter was talking about some idiot nicknamed "Kisama Bitchi-chan" and idk who that is BUT I GUESS SHE MUST'VE FUCKED UP MAJORLY to get a nickname like that from my alter of all people. idk. Apparently this is also some idiot that Rachel knows. Interesting. I feel like I know this person... But idk nothing about them rings any bells for me so *shrug* MAYBE I DID KNOW THEM AT ONE POINT and they went by a different name or something? I don't know. I need sleep. I'm rambling.
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