Hikaru Yuy Maxwell
05 November 2014 @ 07:12 pm
nanowrimo progress so far!  

I can't remember if I had this much progress this time last year.

9599 words on day 5 last year according to the stats. o_o wow.
Hikaru Yuy Maxwell
03 November 2014 @ 12:14 pm
throw on your dress and put on your doll faces  
Day three of NaNo and I am at 5005 words so far. I have 1050 words left for today...

This extra hour hasn't exactly helped much, like...I go to bed REALLY EARLY and I'm still exhausted. The days when I could pull all nighters are waaaay in the past now when staying up past ten at night requires effort. Probably the fact that it gets dark so damn early now doesn't help.

This year's NaNoWriMo is yet another Gundam Wing fic, which is what I did last year (and I never did go back to finish that fic...probably because the amount of revision and rewriting it requires is quite daunting tbh) and I won so. My boys are very good to me so far, but when are they not? It's an AU of sorts, mostly because it's what happens between Endless Waltz and the RP Dusty and I have that combined we've plugged 250K words into, not to mention the amount of worldbuilding we have for it. NaNo this year was easy, I essentially had no prep work to do!

I'm essentially writing three POVs with this and one of them is Quatre and Quatre makes me nervous because I essentially have no muse for him, so I don't really have an "is this IC or OOC?" meter for him, so I have my NaNoWriMo stuff shared on Google Docs with my RP partner so I can be like DUSTY, DUSTY HELP HOW DO I QUATRE. (He usually then looks it over and says, "Karu, your Quatre is fine.") Right now it's just Heero and Duo--Kat hasn't even entered into the picture. And who knows, I may introduce other POVs, kind of like what I did with Hit List of Debts. I kind of want to include Kath and what she does, but I don't know exactly how to change her background, so I may not include her because I don't really want to do that (as it would then technically mess with RP canon).

So in the end I may just stick to Heero, Duo, and Quatre. It's easier. Quatre probably won't come into play until later on though. A lot later on.

As for my personal life... It's the same old, same old. Nothing much of interest, really. No news is good news, as they say. (There is stuff, but I don't feel like discussing it here, where others can see it.)
Hikaru Yuy Maxwell
09 October 2013 @ 02:41 pm
Yep, I'm doing NaNo. You can find me right here if you want to add me and see my progress. Right now I'm just trying to plot things out and have a kinda-sorta-outline-like-thing.

I promised tumblr I would create a NaNoWriMo resources list of shit I use during NaNo that I found useful.

I TOLD MYSELF I WOULD OUTLINE THIS YEAR (and I've said this in years past too and look at how that happened) after reading a book on the different ways to outline, and... That's what I'm doing now. Using yWriter 5, which you can also write your whole project in, but I plan to mostly handwrite my NaNo and then type it up at the end of the day/week/whatever. I use Evernote for things like fic ideas and RP ideas to begin with, so I started a notebook for NaNo stuff.

There's also Pacemaker, which sets up a little daily word count goal schedule for you. I chose the "random" one for funsies and because I don't write the same amount every day, so this fits me much better than the 1667 daily word count goal.

I'm doing all of my plotting and outlining and research now (or as much of it as I can do in advance).

I kind of entertained the idea of doing something that wasn't We All Fall Down, but I decided not to because pffft then I'd have to do extra work in figuring out how the hell you crossover Gundam Wing and Weiss Kreuz for humour purposes where the majority of the fic will be everyone remarking, "Wow, you sound like so-and-so, that's weird," and Crawford and Duo losing track of who's talking to who in an argument between Heero and Schuldig. And how it would escalate to a fist fight that Heero would probably win if Schuldig wasn't so fast (but Heero probs matches his speed with his reflexes), so it'd end up being a gun fight and there'd be all sorts of insults and then I'd have to figure out if Schuldig's telepathy would even work on Heero who mastered ZERO and thus mind-fuckery probably wouldn't work.

And then Schuldig would just cheat and have Nagi throw him through a wall. Unless Nagi is basically "fuck you you did this to yourself you get yourself out of it," which would probably be a smart idea.

I would be more interested in seeing Heero fight Crawford because ZERO and precognition are kind of similar so Heero could just think it was that and fight accordingly and ugh why do I want this so much that I'm TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT.

I should write this just so Schuldig can finally shut up and get the "screen time" he so desperately keeps screaming about and getting into arguments with Heero about. Maybe my headspace would be quiet. (That's a laugh because Schuldig never shuts up in the first place.)

...can I have two NaNos...?
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Hikaru Yuy Maxwell
03 October 2013 @ 05:25 pm

So with NaNoWriMo's website opening up for plotting discussion and everything (because NaNo is next month somehow how is it almost November? Where did 2013 go?!), it's time to decisions.

To do NaNo or not to do NaNo?

I do NaNo every year, every time against my better judgment because I know I won't win. I fall behind in the second week and then forget all about it. BUT MAYBE I JUST WASN'T PASSIONATE ENOUGH.

What's Karu's passion? The fandom he's most passionate about?

Gundam Wing.

And yes I know NaNo is supposed to be original fic but with three exceptions I've written fanfic. (2009 had Freiheit, 2010 had Fertryck, and last year had Pastel Juku.) But I've worked in this fic 'verse for a while now. It's based off of an RP, "Hit List of Debts" (which is incomplete, as is the fic I'm writing based on it), which has a (finished) sequel (that was written first) called "We All Fall Down", plus an (unfinished) sequel called "Scrap Kings", and then an AIM RP that's (ongoing) called "Piece of Heaven".

I can't do Hit List because I have five chapters written (that I need to edit), and it's supposed to be completely new. So I picked We All Fall Down, which is kind of the less darker, more angstier one out of everything, because it deals with the aftermath of Hit List five years later.

I don't think I have to mention it's 1x2 because that's my pairing of choice. I've written in this universe before, and I had a lot of fun with the RPs, so why not. Right?

So yeah. I'll probably keep most of my sobbing to my tumblr, but yeah. Headcanony posts and the like will probably be here and linked on tumblr. :D

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