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Hikaru Yuy Maxwell ([personal profile] mrsadisticnight) wrote on April 29th, 2015 at 02:23 pm
I don't remember the last time I made a post on here. I guess at least towards the end of last year. AT LEAST. And the truth of the matter is, while I do still maintain blogs, I'm just not interested in this journaling interface much anymore. Not for personal blogging--I do still post fanfiction and shit here.

Probably the biggest reason for that is I prefer paper journaling for personal thoughts and feelings jotting.

That said, I do maintain other blogs. I don't use tumblr for blogging much these days, but I do have Wordpress blogs.

This one is for my meta. My fandom meta, which is...pretty much Gundam Wing meta (especially if you look at the name and URL), but I could easily use it for other fandoms. If I had any. I have three more :one I don't use much (if at all), one is a "safe space" blog (which I won't link), and one is kind of an original fiction story thing.

Unfortunately, there really isn't anywhere I post my personal thoughts and what not anymore. Mostly because I do the handwritten journal thing. I've kind of tried to step back a little bit on what personal things I share on the internet nowadays as I've gotten older and my name has gotten out there a bit more (as Karu Maxwell). So yeah.

I'm not going to delete this journal or LJ or anything. But don't really expect much in the way of posting on here. Most of the time I'm just too busy to jot down blog posts like I used to do in my younger years. If Dreamwidth had a mobile app I might, in fact, use it more. I know LJ has one, but I prefer DW to LJ. Wordpress has a nicely crafted app and that's what I use the most.

My life is basically fandom and...helping out some friends atm. There really isn't much of interest to write about.


THAT SAID, in case anyone forgot, my birthday was on Monday. I turned 23. I know there are some of you who've known me since I was like, thirteen or fourteen. Time sure passes by, doesn't it?
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